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The SRX makes tunnel control better and easier (BLOG)

‎04-11-2015 02:19 AM

The SRX makes tunnel control better and easier


a nice blog article on tunneling control on the SRX with the Junos 12.3X48 Release.


You might miss this new feature, since it is called IPv6 tunneling control for SRX Series devices. It is useful in IPv6 enabled networks, but it is also essential for IPv4 only networks.

This feature adds the following new screens that allow you to control, allow, or block the transit of tunneled traffic:

  • GRE 4in4 Tunnel
  • GRE 4in6 Tunnel
  • GRE 6in4 Tunnel
  • GRE 6in6 Tunnel
  • IPinIP 6to4relay Tunnel
  • IPinIP 6in4 Tunnel
  • IPinIP 6over4 Tunnel
  • IPinIP 4in6 Tunnel
  • IPinIP ISATAP Tunnel
  • IPinIP DS-Lite Tunnel
  • IPinIP 6in6 Tunnel
  • IPinIP 4in4 Tunnel
  • IPinUDP Teredo Tunnel

More detail on these screens is available here.


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