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The internet loopback

‎05-22-2019 11:42 AM
I have read that this address is the internet loopback which exists on all internet appliances. I assume. Anyway, is it necessary to set this in the lo0 of the srx?

Does anyone do this?

Seems as though it already handled this.

Any comments are welcome.

I'm not referring to
SRX Services Gateway
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‎05-22-2019 07:01 PM

Re: The internet loopback

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‎05-22-2019 12:00 PM



You dont need to configure that address in junos devices. The is just a network address; actaully within that network we could find addresses like which is configured on the SRX by default:


root@a13-17> show interfaces terse lo0
Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
lo0                     up    up
lo0.16384               up    up   inet           --> 0/0
lo0.16385               up    up   inet


Find more info here:


 In short you dont need to configure the for enabling any funtionalities on the SRX.