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Traffic bypass when the link comes down and PBR

‎07-16-2019 02:22 AM

Hi to all,

I have a customer who has an SRX345. They have got configured a routing instance for to split the output traffic to internet via two links. The IT support users are using a policy based route to browse internet via the first link, so the rest of the users browse via the second link.

This is working properly without issues but if the first link comes down, the IT support users are not reaching internet. Is there anyway to do a bypass of this PBR?? I have probed to configure a qualyfied-next-hop in the routing-instance but is not working... Any idea??

They have got configure an RPM probe to monitoring the second link. When the second link comes down, the traffic goes via the first link. If I configure a RPM probe to monitor the fist link, the traffic bypass via the second link would work fine???

If you need something info more please tell me, please.

Thanks in advance!!



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Re: Traffic bypass when the link comes down and PBR

‎07-16-2019 02:29 AM

Failover is possible. Please check the KB:



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