SRX Services Gateway
SRX Services Gateway

VDSL layer 2

‎05-15-2018 02:20 AM

Dear Juniper lovers,


I am currenlty searching for a solution to provide layer2 connectvity over vdsl. Our provider doesn't deliver a pure layer2 link. We need to use PPPoe to setup a link to our backbone. We currently have layer3 in service on this setup.

Due to the lower MTU, PPPoe, we need to use a GRE/IPSec to avoid dropping MPLS frames. I would also that we don't have mpls up to the end-customer. Due to the IPsec, the performance increases a lot.

CPE = SRX branch series

Backbone = MX / QFX5100 / EX

I was wondering which technologies you are using to build the layer 2 ? Layer 2 GRE to MPLS backbone ? Radius attributes ? Is there a solution for this setup ?

Looking forward..