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ae interface and reth interface

‎03-03-2013 09:59 PM

Hello Knowledge Gurus,


can anyone point me to the documentation link describing difference between aggregated ethernet and redundant ethernet interface (reth)




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Re: ae interface and reth interface

‎03-04-2013 11:58 PM


Official docs:


Relation between the two:

In chassis cluster mode, aggregated Ethernet interfaces (ae) and redundant Ethernet interfaces (reth) coexist. Because the functionality of a redundant Ethernet interface relies on the JUNOS aggregated Ethernet framework, you can think of it as a special aggregated Ethernet interface.





Simple Explanation:


Aggregated Ethernet Interface(ae)

Aggregate Ethernet (ae) is a way to aggregate ethernet interfaces (duh!). In laymans terms, you can bundle multiple links together to function as a single logical high bandwidth link.



Redundant Ethernet Interface(reth)

  • An interface bundle made up of two or more Ethernet links, equally from each node in the cluster to form a single logical interface, acting as Active- Passive pair
  • Used in a cluster where userspace daemon JSRPD determines the active member
  • One IP Address, One vMAC . owned by node with active member
  • RETH must be associated to an RG in the cluster


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