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commit failed error in SRX220H

‎12-19-2013 06:00 AM

Hi , My SRX in chassis cluster is showing the below issue: 

JUNOS VERSION= 12.1X44-D10.4


router#commit check


configuration check succeds

error: could not open configuration database (
error: remote commit-configuration failed on node0
error: commit failed

error:configuration chek-out failed



To resolve the issue i have follwed the below two procedures: 


procedure 1: 


As per KB24684:

At first, if you are not sure what is causing this issue, perform the following procedure:

    1. Run the following command (it is recommended to take a backup of the local workstation, before executing this command):
      show configuration | no-more | save current-config


    1. start shell user root <enter password>


    1. . cd /config


    1. rm -f juniper.conf+


    1. Exit the shell.


  1. Enter the configuration mode, perform load override current-config, and commit.

If the above procedure is not helpful, perform the following procedure:

    1. Take a USB stick and plug it in a working device.


    1. Run the request system snapshot media usb partition command.


    1. When you have a snapshot of the working device on the USB stick, it can be plugged into the device that has the issue.


    1. Run the request system reboot media usb command to verify if the snapshot is working on the device that has the issue.


    1. Finally, you can save the snapshot via the request system snapshot media internal partition command.

But both the procedure couldnot give the desired result.


3rd procedure: please check the url which state mounting and unmounting the /var/ system file ,which was not sucessfull cause one command was not working: (%unmount -f /var)

 please check the attached pdf for the procedure.


Now i thought of this :

what i have done than using "commit synchronize force"


And than also issue was not resolved but what i have seen is a little diffrent thing : as below 



vnode_pager_putpages: I/O error 28
vnode_pager_putpages: residual I/O 32768 at 1



I have checcked the above two errors on the google and it says it could be due to /var/system full ? 


The issue was resolved when i deleted the whole var/tmp/ file in both the nodes.


But my question is : This type of error should not happen unless and untill there is some software issue or bug? Cause as i know juniper has always tested this type of things on there R& D center before releasing a Junos.


I guess deleting a /var/tmp/ which is storage cleanup, can increase the free space but as per my understanding junos has reserved diffrently memory for the config files. Please elaborate on this, i may be somewhere not understanding truly but let me know the exact causes and everything. JTAC and ATAC please read it once from your valuable time and give some responeses.








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Re: commit failed error in SRX220H

‎12-23-2013 06:32 AM



I confgure many & many SRXs in cluster mode but this is the first time i see this error.


my intervention on your case that you should use the recommended version of Junos (its 11.4 R9.4 for SRX220),

because the 12.0 and later versions still under testing. 🙂

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Re: commit failed error in SRX220H

‎12-24-2013 01:45 AM

This error message (there are lot of other error messages also) might be caused due to space in /var/tmp as the /var/tmp is being used as an intermediate storage while issuing a commit and during the compilation. So, if the device doesn't have space in /var/tmp/ these kind of issues might be observed.




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Re: commit failed error in SRX220H

‎12-24-2013 01:56 AM

Dear Dipanshu,


Thanks for your answer. I already have done it and clear the var/tmp and tried to commit but it was failed. At last what i did was , i upgraded the junos version and after that it was resolved. But still didnt find much reason of it.




As you have said /var/tmp/ full may be the issue , that i also suspected as per the error : vnodes. put messages.....


I could not clear why it has happend really.Anyws thanks