SRX Services Gateway
SRX Services Gateway

content filter/routing

‎12-06-2018 06:50 PM

Looking for some guidance. 


Currently in my organization we have 2 SRX 650 running version 12.x code.  We have 2 internet provides coming into the office and the SRXs' are setup in a redundant HA pair.  We have have 8 VLANs roughly setup.  Lately we have been having issues with internet capacity.  My management would like us to take the 2 internet conections and be able to route certain traffic (youtube, google drive) over 1 link and everything else (VPN to AWS) over the other link.  Right now we are doing BGP peering to both providers (this was setup prior to me) and OSPF configured as well.  The OSPF and BGP were setup for the previous L2L tunnel that we had connected to our physical datacenters which are now offline.  


My question is how would I go about doing this?  I have 2 spare SRX 650s firewalls from a remote office that I can use.   Can I go about using this link to setup the content routing?


I was thinking that I could move the active/passive config to an active/active setup.  This was we still have some redundancy.


I am not  familiar with setting up OSPF or BGP and I have more of a cisco background but have been learning the SRXs.  So any and all help is greatly appreciated.


If you need more information please let me know.