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[evaluation] appsecure on junos srx

‎10-01-2014 03:17 AM

hi guys, good day...hope everyone is great out there..


im just wonderin, im doing some evaluation of appsecure feature on junos srx 240 running on version 12.1X47...


i can't find the clash of clans signature....i managed to performed the update on said signature for appsecure..


can i ask what apps category does clash of clans fall? hotspot is already twas easy for me to block it.


what i did for COC is defined a custom application then created a polcy to block the port...used by coc..which shouldn't be the case since i already got the appsecure.


please enlighten me.


ps. junos version 12.1x47 doesnt go every well with latest firefox mozilla browser...have anyone check this?



the rock