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source nat to public ip and private ip on same interface

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2 weeks ago

hello everyone,


im traying to configure on srx300 source nat from zone trust to zone internet, but i have problem.

internet zone have two address( primary and secondary) on ge-0/0/0.0.

one address is public static ip  X.X.X.X/30 other one is private boath from isp.

trust zone is on ge-0/0/1.0 and address is


how to configure source nat for internet to public ip and source nat to private ip????


i tried with rule set trust to internet  ruleset: private_nat, public_nat where is :


private_nat : source address( to desstination address ( with pool_private (

public_nat:  source address( to desstination address ( with pool_public (X.X.X.X/32)


when boath rules are there only internet is working,


when i set source nat to interface there is no internet, i can ping because address i lower then X.X.X.X


Please help and sorry for my english,thank you


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Re: source nat to public ip and private ip on same interface

a week ago

Can you confirm the order of the nat rules when both are in place?

They will be processed in order.

show security nat source



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