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srx-210 boot issue

‎11-17-2010 12:14 PM

I have an srx-210hm  running 10.2R2 code. When the device boots up it gets to the point:

 octpkt0: <Octeon RGMII> on obio0,


then it crashes and says the following and exits to a db> prompt. If I restart the device several times eventually it will make it past this point and bootup as normal. I tried reinstalling the o/s from TFTP and formatting both the backup and primary partitions. Still has this problem. I am running u-boot 1.7


cpu0: trap error = 7 stop octeon.hw.shutdown



below let me past some info for the box:


Hardware inventory:
Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
Chassis                                AD2609AAXXXXX      SRX210h
Routing Engine   REV 28   750-021779   AAAH2277          RE-SRX210H
FPC 0                                                    FPC
  PIC 0                                                  2x GE, 6x FE, 1x 3G
Power Supply 0


 show system firmware
Part             Type           Tag Current   Available Status
                                    version   version
Routing Engine 0 RE BIOS        0   1.7                 OK
Routing Engine 0 RE BIOS Backup 1   1.7                 OK


 show chassis routing-engine
Routing Engine status:
    Temperature                 45 degrees C / 113 degrees F
    Total memory              1024 MB Max   553 MB used ( 54 percent)
      Control plane memory     560 MB Max   347 MB used ( 62 percent)
      Data plane memory        464 MB Max   204 MB used ( 44 percent)
    CPU utilization:
      User                       6 percent
      Background                 0 percent
      Kernel                    12 percent
      Interrupt                  0 percent
      Idle                      81 percent
    Model                          RE-SRX210H
    Serial ID                      AAAH2277
    Start time                     2010-11-17 13:59:09 EST
    Uptime                         1 hour, 12 minutes, 1 second
    Last reboot reason             0x200:chassis control reset
    Load averages:                 1 minute   5 minute  15 minute
                                       0.09       0.14       0.15



 show system storage partitions
Boot Media: internal (da0)
Active Partition: da0s1a
Backup Partition: da0s2a
Currently booted from: Active (da0s1a)

Partitions information:
  Partition  Size   Mountpoint
  s1a        293M   altroot
  s2a        293M   /
  s3e        24M    /config
  s3f        342M   /var
  s4a        30M    recovery




I am at a loss, any help would be appreciated.

John Burns
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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎11-17-2010 02:13 PM

Hi ,

I think you can try Reimaging the box


1-get a flash &  fromt it   then put junos.tgz copy on it ( without creating flodres)

For Format : Use FAT if USB size is less than equal to 2GB or FAT32 if USB is greater than or equal to 4 GB.


2-insert the flash into the SRX  at one of the USB ports


3-Reboot the SRX , When junos is coming up , you will see the message : " Hit Enter to continue or spac bar for loader"  , here you shoul Hit space , you will be at loader mode , the prompt should be "loader>"


If the prompt is " > " , type   > boot  to make it   ">loader"


4- Type the command : loader> install file:/// junos-srxsme-10.0R2.10-domestic.tgz ( The red part change depending on your  version )


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Re: srx-210 boot issue

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‎11-17-2010 07:17 PM

Hi John, you do not need to reimage the box. This problem may be caused by incorrect environment settings. We'll update you shortly on how to detect and fix the problem.


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‎08-26-2015 01:27 AM

Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎11-17-2010 10:09 PM

John, please try this:


1. Reboot the system

2. Press space to go to u-boot prompt when you see this message:

    Clearing DRAM....... done
    BIST check passed.
    Boot Media: nand-flash usb
    Net:   pic init done (err = 0)octeth0
    POST Passed
    Press SPACE to abort autoboot in 1 seconds

3. You will get a => prompt

4. Run the following commands:




5. Check if your system boots properly now


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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎11-20-2010 10:54 PM

That worked great, thanks so much. Is there a kb or anything that lists the env variables of the loader prompt and or commands for that environment?

John Burns
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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎11-22-2010 11:38 AM

Is this a common problem with SRX 210 devices?  Is it related to a bug in the boot loader or other onboard software?  Will a future Junos / loader update correct whatever the issue is?



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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎11-23-2010 06:34 AM


This issue has been fixed in BIOS (u-boot+loader) version 1.9 and above.

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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎01-31-2013 06:24 AM

'printenv' from that prompt lists all the valid commands.

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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎09-27-2016 04:46 AM

Hi Kaustav,

    I know this is a six year old thread however is the closest thing I have found to my issue so far. I have tried the below however i dont get a responce from the command "setenv". It just echo's back to the next line. 


Firstly it boots to uboot instead of the loader prompt regardless of when or how many times I hit space. 



I have a new image on a usb stick but cannot for the life of me work out how to load/install/ etc.


Thanks in advance


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Re: srx-210 boot issue

‎10-02-2016 05:07 PM



Use this procedure.  The starting portion describes how to set the environment variables from the prompt you have.


the bottom portion gives the install instructions from the USB drive attached.

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