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‎03-23-2016 02:20 AM

hello guys,

i'm having difficultis getting support fee on srx5800...

is it in end of support? it is a very "young" firewall... it seems strange,

thanks a lot,


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Re: srx

‎03-23-2016 06:36 AM



SRX 5800 is not end of support or end of sale. If you drop me a private message with your Company name / country and serial. I will direct you to the right person(s) within Juniper


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Re: srx

‎03-23-2016 06:46 AM

Hello Marc,

really thanks for your reply.


I have update about the situation. I'll tell you all the story and i hope you can help:

My customer got a SRX5800 bought in 2014 by a company (who's not the one i'm working for).

A support contract have never been bought from juniper (checked by support entitlement website).


Now i've to have a support contract by an obligation in the contract with the customer, but juniper told me:

Below product cannot be quoted as it EOL (end of life), and had no active support warranty on the Last Order date.
For further information regarding EOL products, please refer to the link below or contact your Sales Rep.



So, now have a way to buy a fee? if not we have to buy a new 5800 and stock-it.

Thanks again,