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troublesooting DHCP RELAY

‎04-27-2015 02:44 PM

Hello! Help understand how troubleshoot DHCP Relay  ( here not under helpers bootp) .


I have a configuration where all hosts (here PCs) get ip settins from DHCP Server through SRX DHCP Relay agent.  But two UNIFI APs(wifi) do not.....

All hosts and unifi APs in different zones. All security policies permit all in both directions.

Here dhcp relay binding statistics.


vvlazarev@SRX650-node0# run show dhcp relay binding routing-instance lan

IP address        Session Id  Hardware address   Expires     State      Interface     15          00:0e:08:d3:71:b3  690953      BOUND      reth3.0     5           00:0e:08:d7:01:85  674555      BOUND      reth3.0     13          00:1d:7d:40:7b:84  690685      BOUND      reth8.4     10          00:1e:0b:12:a7:c1  687542      BOUND      reth8.4   11          00:1f:c6:0d:b0:67  687680      BOUND      reth6.0           16          04:18:d6:20:c3:54  0           SELECTING  reth12.960           14          04:18:d6:46:e23:de 0           SELECTING  reth12.960     12          6c:f0:49:a2:bf:67  688254      BOUND      reth8.4     9           74:d4:35:40:bc:a4  686733      BOUND      reth8.4   3           d8:50:e6:b7:56:35  669763      BOUND      reth6.0
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Re: troublesooting DHCP RELAY

‎04-27-2015 07:54 PM

Hello vlazarev ,


The " selecting "  state shows that the Client is getting offer message from DHCP server . Now we need to make sure is the clients are sending the  DHCP request message to server for the IP .

Will it be possible to take a packet capture on the client machine to confirm if the DHCP offer is reaching the client and they are sending the request to server .


Also please attach the DHCP relay configuration from SRX .


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