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vSRX in vSphere 6.5

‎02-01-2017 08:45 AM


I have tried both d70 and d75 but after deploying the .OVA it is not possible to customize the settings.


Either the .ova is broken for 6.5 or there is something else seriously wrong. Anyone sucessfully deployed vSRX on VSphere 6.5?


On d70 I'm getting "The guest operating system 'other3xLinux64Guest' is not supported" when trying to change settings in vSphere.



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‎02-02-2017 04:16 AM

Re: vSRX in vSphere 6.5

‎02-02-2017 04:16 AM

 I managed to fix this by using the VMWare workstation GUI (As 6.5 does not support the "fat" client) and upgrade my VMWare Version to 11) After that I could open the edit page in the VSphere GUI.

Perhaps useful for others who get stuck with the same issue.