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ScreenOS Firewalls (NOT SRX)

SSG140 Different Interface Routing and VLANs

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‎10-31-2016 06:48 AM



I have had a couple of SSG140's running 6.2.0r8.0 for a couple of years in a simple configuration, however I need to change this. I am not a CLI guru at all and manage to do everything I need to via the WebGUI, so help using this method would be preferable if at all possible, thank you. Any help from experts would be appreciated. I am sure that what I want to accomplish is not that difficult, however I have not managed to do it successfully myself. The example of what I want to do follows, with changed IP Addresses. This is working from a completely factory reset SSG140 to make it easier.


Our data center provider has installed a router and it has 2 interfaces. Interface 1 is for general internet access, setting this up is simple and it works fine. Interface 2 is for accessing servers at their data center, this is what I am battling with.


ethernet0/0 - trust -
ethernet0/2 - untrust -


The above works for internet access with the additional minimal configuration that was required.


I have been told by the data centre IT to connect the second cable, from their router interface 2 to a spare port on the SSG, which I have done to ethernet0/4.


Their brief instructions:


- To access the internet (this I have done, except for the VLAN 200 part which I am not sure if I have to do or not?)
- Set up SSG ethernet0/2 as a routed port with (VIP)
- Use VLAN number 200
- Default route to


- To access the data center (this I am battling with?)
- Set up SSG ethernet0/4 as an internal VLAN access port
- Ethernet0/0 and ethernet0/4 to be in the same VLAN (Trust) segment
- Use VLAN number 100
- VLAN interface 192.168.100.x (x = an unused IP address)
- Add static route to data center
- Routing to data center next hop from SSG gateway




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Re: SSG140 Different Interface Routing and VLANs

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‎10-31-2016 09:17 PM

From what I understand - the Datacentre folks are asking you to place both 0/0 and 0/4 in the same L2 segment. This can be done usign Bgroup interfaces. You must have some predefined ones on your Firewall already.


What you need to do:


- Remove IP from e0/0

- add 0/0 and 0/4 to any bgroup interface (bg0)

- assign the 192.168.100.x/24 IP, zone etc., to the bg0 interface. In simple terms, migrate whatever configuration you had on e0/0 to bg0 - IP, routes etc.,

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Re: SSG140 Different Interface Routing and VLANs

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‎11-09-2016 07:39 AM

Thank you Gokul, this worked well.  Apologies for taking so long is accepting the solution.

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Re: SSG140 Different Interface Routing and VLANs

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‎11-10-2016 06:12 PM

You are welcome Paul.. glad I could help! Smiley Happy