ScreenOS Firewalls (NOT SRX)
ScreenOS Firewalls (NOT SRX)

SSG140 and VLAN Trunking

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‎03-15-2012 09:26 AM

I am trying to trunk VLANs from a Hyper-V server through an HP procurve to an SSG140.


Configuring the VLAN trunk at the firewall is presenting a bit of a challenge.


Can someone point me in the right direction as to how or whether you actually can set up a trunked port on an SSG140?


From the interface section i do see the option to trunk but I'm not sure if i can properly do it from the screenOS or if i need to use command line.


Thanks in advance for any help.

ScreenOS Firewalls (NOT SRX)

Re: SSG140 and VLAN Trunking

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‎03-15-2012 12:05 PM

I think that you only need to setup a subinterface for you VLAN.


For example:


Ethernet0/0 - VLAN 1 (default VLAN)

Ethernet0/0.1 - VLAN 10

Ethernet0/0.2 - VLAN 20



The subinterface gets the VLAN ID you want to trunk and you should be golden I think. Interfaces are added to Zones so you should not need to do anything policy-wise to get your VLAN working.


You can also dedicate an interface to a VLAN as well.


You may want to look at the Concepts and Examples Guide for ScreenOS and the VLAN1 interface type.