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Blanket Security
Feb 29, 2016

Blanket Security

by Matt Hurley, Corporate VP, Global Channel and Field Marketing


This week at RSA 2016 in San Francisco, Juniper Networks will roll out our new vision for secure networks. It’s a different way of thinking about securing networks and it’s just what enterprises need now. 


We call it the Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN). What’s different about it?


Networks today are built on yesterday’s architectures. They are complex with layer on layer switches and VLANs, load balancers and the security product du jour. It’s fragile. It’s every network administrator’s nightmare. As a result, customers are unable to effectively build a network that’s flexible enough to deliver new services without breaking something or causing a security gap. Customers cannot only look at securing the perimeters and endpoints of their networks, they have to assume that threats and bad actors are already inside. Simply put, today’s layered security model – based on perimeter security – is not enough to protect against new, sophisticated threats and the increasing surface area of possible attacks.


In contrast, Juniper’s security and network portfolio – both hardware and software – provides the building blocks for a SDSN. SDSN is the future of network security because it embraces the elements of SDN by taking certain elements of the network and leveraging the cloud to solve current network security issues.


Here’s how SDSN works:

  • Leverage the network as points of threat detection and enforcement.
  • Leverage the economy of the cloud to share threat intelligence at scale to accelerate and adapt detection.
  • Implement a centralized controller/policy engine to dynamically adapt policy that stays ahead of constantly evolving threats and attacks.

This is how the network can protect itself. With SDSN, every part of the network becomes an enforcement point. This is the most effective way to deal with threats and intruders.


Juniper Networks SDSN is an entirely new model for protecting our customers. It is pervasive and significantly more effective and manageable. We will make it far more difficult for those with the intent of causing harm to do so. Customers can now focus on the harder cybersecurity problems they face.


Bottom line for you as partners: With SDSN, the network is easier to manage. Policy is simpler to create and deploy. Policies adapt based on real-time threat intelligence and enforcement is automated. Threat detection is faster. Three things customers will understand.