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Juniper Employee , Juniper Employee Juniper Employee
Oct 2, 2014

In today's ever-changing IT security landscape, focused execution is critical.


Whether a vendor, an integrator or a consumer, the velocity and agility driven by today's technology and innovation cycles means it can be too easy to become overwhelmed and distracted.


With regards to the sale of our Pulse business, we were thrilled to find a partner who will not only continue to focus and execute on our long-standing and market-leading vision of best-in-breed mobility, VPN and access control but one that has a clear vision and path to invest in taking the business even further. That partner is Pulse Secure, LLC.

The planned long-term investment strategy for Pulse Secure includes not only technology and products, but also increasing the sales, marketing and robust channel teams to support them.


As an example, the existing NAC and SSL VPN capabilities are more important than ever to many of our joint customers, and the ability to provide on- and off-premises policy enforcement across PCs, tablets and mobile devices with a robust end-to-end solution set gives Pulse Secure an advantage when compared to many startups who are only able to provide one small piece of the puzzle.

One of the things I am particularly excited about is the continued execution against the vision of providing an open and unified policy control plane that further extends the integration with Juniper’s next-generation firewalls and cloud-based services, providing context from the endpoint, all the way through to the assets they access, no matter where they reside. This is something that only a few vendors can talk about, but that no company has ever fully delivered.


Leveraging a footprint that includes tens of millions of Pulse-enabled endpoints with the intelligence and context they provide to enable other security enforcement elements to better and more seamlessly apply policy is something Pulse Secure is extremely well-positioned to provide. 15,000 existing customers and the expertise of a decade's worth of leadership in this space bodes well.


What customers and partners can look forward to is a deep and strategic relationship between our two companies and committed joint roadmaps for a set of thoughtful, useful and enabling coupling between our two portfolios.


I look forward to being able to share more with you over the next coming months.