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Infonetics Research Analyst Jeff Wilson Validates Juniper Networks Commitment to Security
Jul 16, 2014


Juniper Networks has the ingredients and lineage to remain one of the top three players in network security, according to a report by Jeff Wilson, principal analyst with Infonetics Research. Wilson, who attended Juniper’s annual Industry Analyst Event, said executive leadership made it clear that Juniper is in three businesses: routing, switching, and security. In short, any doubts about Juniper’s commitment to security should be answered at this point: Juniper isn’t getting out of the security business. The report also highlighted security updates from the event including:


  • Juniper’s high-end SRX wins driven by customers demanding 100G interfaces today. Wilson states, “We’ve certainly seen fairly broad demand (in the context of high-end security applications) for 40G interfaces this year, with several vendors reporting displacements (or new sales) as a result of availability of 40G ports, but this is the first confirmed time I’ve heard of a product win based largely on the availability of 100G ports.  We’ve been cautioning vendors for several years that 2014 will be the year that 40G and 100G are required, and it looks like that’s bearing out.”

  • Juniper further enhancing management and reporting capabilities for security.

  • A preview of the second generation AppID function, a key piece of the next-gen firewall picture.

  • SDN and NFV and their impact on security and Juniper’s selection as the first networking vendor in AT&T’s “User-Defined Network Cloud” supplier program. Wilson said,  “Juniper will deliver a virtualized SRX to AT&T customers through the platform, and it’s a bold step overall in delivering security services; it’s certainly just the tip of the iceberg, and Juniper is at the center of the discussion, which is always a good place to be.”


 Commenting on Juniper’s position as a top three network security provider Wilson concluded, “Their emphasis at the analyst event on high-end customers, improving scale, management, and efficacy, and boldly moving toward a world where hardware security appliances aren’t the norm from the core to the edge will help them stay there as we head into the second half of this decade” To read the full report, please click here