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Introducing Erin K. Banks—Security & Mobility Now Blogger
Apr 7, 2014

Introducing another new Security & Mobility Now blogger! Please meet Erin K. Banks, senior technical marketing manager for virtualization security at Juniper Networks.


What did you want to be growing up? Did you see yourself where you are now?


I literally have no idea what I wanted to do growing up. I think I just wanted to enjoy every moment and my experiences. My father pushed me into an engineering degree. At that time, I do recall wanting to work in the audio field, specifically Bose because I adore music. Let’s just say that I always wanted to be a kid and clearly I have achieved that goal. Smiley Tongue


What led you to Juniper?


Chris Hoff led me to Juniper. I wanted the perfect job and he had it, so I took it. I couldn’t be happier. The ability to work with Security and Virtualization every day was incredibly exciting and I just knew the people at Juniper were some of the best.


Tell us about your blogs? What do you write about?


I have a personal blog, “Common Denial,” and I have always written about . . . wait for it . . . security and virtualization. I know, such a shock, but it is what I love.


Erin Banks.jpgWhat do you like to do when you are not working? What’s your passion?


Travel… At this time, I have slept in all states in the United States, except for TWO… so right now I am trying to get to those states. Smiley Happy


I am also trying to go to every baseball park in North America and see a game. I love to travel everywhere and experience the world. I can’t wait!!


I also just signed up for my fourth marathon so clearly I will be training for that in the rest of 2014. #PewPew


P.S. You can find me here on JNet as well as on Twitter @banksek.

Apr 8, 2014

Welcome, Erin!


Man...there are a lot of cool Erin's working at Juniper...

Apr 8, 2014
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If I could quadruple favorite this comment, I would. You just tugged at the old heartstrings. Smiley Happy

Apr 8, 2014
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But you're right. Erin K. Banks is one cool cat.