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Introducing Galina Pildush – Security & Mobility Now Blogger
Nov 11, 2013

Please allow me to introduce another one  of our Security & Mobility Now bloggers. Please meet Dr. Galina Pildush, an architect on the strategy and planning team in Juniper’s security business unit.


What did you want to be growing up? Did you see yourself where you are now?

I wanted to be many "things" when growing up. One of the ideas that I vividly remember is a desire to be a geologist. Why? I loved (and still do, by the way) two things. First, digging. And second, natural stones.  I think there is a definite connection between that and my career. I've been doing "digging" throughout my career—meaning learning, researching, analyzing, planning, and strategizing. As far as stones are concerned, it’s a simple appreciation of genius creation and it’s one of my hobbies.


What led you to Juniper?

I was intrigued by my conversation with a hiring manager at the time. At the time of my first encounter with Juniper (end of 2000), I was thriving in my career as a Cisco trainer and the mastermind of the so-called "Netgun Academy," which was one of the most successful programs in aiding engineers to certify as CCIEs. I still remember the hiring manager's words, "If you think you know it all, you'll be amazed to learn that there is so much more out there." Well, I believe nobody knows everything. Regardless, his words pushed me to move on. And he was absolutely right. The out-of-box thinking of Juniper routers' (that was the only product line sold then) architecture, compounded with Junos was (and still is!) a "wow" experience!


Tell us about your blogs. What do you write about?

One of the blogs I wrote in the past was about ATM technology, which I felt very passionate about, and how it is in-line with what we push over IP today. For the last three years, my passion is network security, mobile service provider space. My plan is to blog on various topics concerning service provider security.


What do you like to do when you’re not working? What’s your passion?


Galina sea small.jpg

I've got many passions in life—ranging from photography to trekking, from music to travel. Attached is one of recent photos I took of Liguria in Italy during my last vacation.


Please connect further with Galina on JNet.

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