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Introducing Michael Callahan–Security & Mobility Now Blogger
Oct 31, 2013

Introducing another of our Security & Mobility Now bloggers. Please meet Michael Callahan, VP of product marketing manager for Juniper’s security business unit.


What did you want to be growing up? Did you see yourself where you are now?

Growing up I wanted to be a doctor. Math and science came easy and I liked helping people and fixing things.  I was the first in my extended family to go to college. When I got there, full of inexperience and not much insight, we had to visit different disciplines to see what major we wanted to focus on. 


I visited an engineering session and discovered that people were doing really cool things with composite materials to fix parts of the body. Things like new knee replacement materials, dental implants, even bone repair where you could use a material and apply outward pressure resulting in the bone being stimulated and growing into the material at the same rate the material dissolved.  This led to stronger bones and better results for patients. I thought it was a dream world to be able to combine this aspect of medicine with my desire to fix things so I focused on engineering.  I did a lot of research in undergrad in this area and when I graduated pursued companies in this field.  

Turns out I was about 10 years too early and most work was research work that required a doctorate.  So, like what anyone else would do, I took that desire to fix things and help people and went into sales.   I had a successful sales career until returning to school for an MBA. Since getting my MBA, I’ve had a series of roles in product management, product marketing, corporate marketing, and field marketing. They all require an understanding of the problem, the patient and what to do about it.  

So even though I'm not repairing bodies, I'm still fixing things. 


What led you to Juniper?  

I came to Juniper because of the opportunity I saw with the changing the networking landscape (SDN) and the impact that would have five years out on network security.  I believed, and still believe, that Juniper is in the best position to be a leader in the network security and SDN security space.


Tell us about your blogs. What do you write about?  

I typically write about a topic that I hear in a discussion, or something I’ve read or seen on video.  It can really be anything that might be of interest to other people that I have an opinion or view about.


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What do you like to do when you’re not working? What’s your passion?


When not working, most of my time is spent with my very fun family.  I have a wife (Jill) and two great daughters (Emilia, 10, and Annabel, 7).  



Please connect further with Michael on JNet or Twitter.




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