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Securing Enterprise Hybrid Clouds with Industry-Leading High-Performance Next-Generation Firewalls
Apr 20, 2017

Juniper Networks SRX4000 line of next-generation firewalls set a new benchmark for price and performance while enabling secure migration into hybrid clouds


As enterprises grow more dependent on cloud technologies, they need to begin adopting hybrid cloud architectures to provide greater flexibility and economic benefits. This, however, is easier said than done.


Migrating to a hybrid cloud model and deploying point firewalls presents its own set of challenges, including:


• Performance degradation at scale impacting security effectiveness

• Complex security management

• Weak connectivity between data centers

• Increased risk surface


Unfortunately, point and legacy firewalls are poorly suited for hybrid cloud environments, creating an immediate need for solutions that can provide:


  • Faster threat detection and blocking: Fully integrated, cloud-informed threat prevention (such as Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention) offers immediate, actionable intelligence; scalability; and integrated security services that keep you up to date and defend against the very latest threats.
  • Effective security everywhere: An architecture powered by Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) platform lets enterprises easily implement and efficiently operate their security infrastructure. An ecosystem that is continually learning about new threats enables faster enforcement and consistent security across your hybrid cloud environment, keeping costs down.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture: Building secure environments across private and public cloud data centers helps you keep your network running, delivering resiliency, high-performance NGFW functionality, complete application visibility and control, and effective threat defense.
  • Smarter control and visibility: Intuitive, scalable management tools and analytics provide actionable intelligence that empowers teams to do more with fewer resources, keeping operational costs down.
  • Industry-leading, high-performance NGFWs: Juniper’s efficient and effective physical and virtual SRX Series NGFWs optimize security, allowing you to easily implement defenses and operate them more efficiently without compromising performance.


An effective hybrid cloud solution, working along with high-performance physical and virtual next-generation firewalls deployed in private and public data centers, provides business resiliency, visibility and control, analytics, and automation—all of which help enterprises reduce business risk and focus on business critical problems.


A Software-Defined Secure Network builds threat detection, enforcement, and remediation into the very fabric of your network. Powered by Juniper’s high-performance NGFWs, along with smarter and faster application visibility and control, the Juniper hybrid cloud security architecture provides flexible, end-to-end security, allowing enterprises to protect their data within private and public data centers, campuses, or regional headquarters.


To learn more about Juniper Networks SRX Series NGFWs and how Juniper’s security solutions seamlessly extend across private and public cloud architectures without compromising performance and manageability, please download our Securing Enterprise Hybrid Clouds solution brief.


To learn more about SRX4000 Services Gateways please visit SRX4000 Services Gateways.