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The Node Bar: now serving up the attack of your choice
Feb 25, 2014

'Twas a smooth opening night at #RSA. Customers steadily streamed in, with a look of bewilderment that strikes as they walk into the show lights, buzzing sounds and the palpable electricity in the air.


Then 10 steps later, they have arrived at the back side of the Juniper booth, which has a place designated as "the node bar.'" As the name implies, human nodes (you and I) connect to share intelligence, exchange war stories, develop our personal network.


The node bar is staffed by Juniper's advanced technical team, which I think of as a tribe of pragmatic practitioners; geeks through and through.


At the node bar, we show an interactive and highly visual tool that lets you play with different attack and access scenarios. And in doing so, see how Juniper's kick-ass technologies can give customers a significant lift their your drive to fund security initiatives.


So stop by the booth and say hello, and stay for a tour of the ecosystem.


Alas, although our bar is not licensed to serve up drinks, we promise to entertain you by serving up some tasty cyber attacks.




May 2, 2014

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