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The Road to Better Security is Paved with…
Oct 4, 2016

Back in the day, the first thing you did to protect your organization from cybercrime was get a network firewall. Then, maybe, you would get some anti-virus software for your endpoints. You looked at specific traffic from specific places outside your network and with brute-force access lists and policies you controlled users and traffic. You thought your business was secure. And it used to be.


But then breaches happened… and happened some more. Sometimes from within your organization.


You fortified your network security with next-gen capabilities on your firewalls and you probably added a sandbox to identify and stop hard to detect malware. And then you added a SIEM to do analysis and help with after-action reviews. It’s likely you ended up with a spaghetti of security products from multiple vendors and a hefty library of manually created policies, many of which were outdated.


So now you have a ton of information from all these difference sources and your security teams are overloaded -- pivoting around from console to console and trying to sift through too many alerts. Lots of data and very little insight.


Remember that major breach at a large retailer? We now know, that was a case of the security team having so many alerts in front of them that they missed the critical one – and all it takes is one.


It’s one of many cautionary tales and the safety of your business it too critical to entrust to the proverbial “needle-in-a-haystack” approach to security. You need a better solution and Juniper Networks is building better security with key enhancements to our Software-Defined Secure Networks platform (SDSN).  


We are expanding Security Director, our unified security management solution, with Policy Enforcer which automates policy creation, learns from threat conditions and dynamically deploys enforcement to the appropriate points in your network. Now your network can detect and quarantine compromised hosts or endpoints across firewalls and switches by leveraging up-to-the-minute threat intel from Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (Sky ATP).


Juniper’s virtual next-generation firewall, vSRX, now includes Sky ATP which delivers real time malware defense from the cloud with the high-performance protection previously available only in physical environments.


We have added the SRX4100 and SRX4200 next-gen firewalls to our portfolio. These are compact, high performance and ideal for hybrid cloud deployments, with the ability to detect a broad array of malicious malware through Sky ATP, seamless integration with vSRX and simplified management with Security Director.


When you are thinking about better security, take a look at Juniper Networks. You’ll see our commitment to protecting your organization from cybercrime and recognize that we’re here to help you get back to the business of growing your success.