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Service Provider Transformation
A Game of Letters and Acronyms with SD-WAN
Nov 21, 2016



Do you like games? I sure do!

How about a game of Scrabble? Who could turn that down!

When given a letter, do you let your imagination run wild? Sure you do!

Well, let’s start with the letters of “S” and “D” and combine that with WAN – What does that spell?


Hmm… Let your imaginative mind think for a moment. Okay, Ready Set GO!


Here’s what I came up with and see how it relates to Juniper’s SD-WAN solution.


  • Swiftly-Deployed WAN

Analyzing enterprise customers today, some common trends are undeniable. Workforces are more distributed and the dependency on connecting offices together is paramount. Doing so with speed can greatly impact business revenue and outcomes. With the shift of enterprise workloads to the cloud, the days of waiting 30-45 days for connection is unacceptable in the “I want it now” world. Time = money as the saying goes. The Juniper SD-WAN solution delivers this 1st attribute – Swiftly Deployed.


  • Savings-Daily WAN 

Cost of the WAN is a top concern shared by customers across the board. With the growing dependencies of the WAN and the massive amount of data that is getting pushed across the WAN, it should be no surprise that cost per bit is top of mind. That’s not to say that certain traffic does not deserve and mandate the guaranteed SLA that MPLS WAN connections have delivered and will continue to. But with ever growing types of applications used by the enterprise, a Juniper hybrid WAN that utilizes Internet paths for certain traffic leads to the 2nd requirement – Savings Daily.


  • Smartly-Designed WAN

With a WAN that leverages multiple paths, that is aware of application types and patterns, that routes based on business needs and policies, and that adapts as network conditions vary – the answer must be intelligence built into the SD-WAN solution. This foundation built into the DNA of the solution will allow the enterprise to alter as their business requirement evolve and for the service provider to meet these challenges with an agile and flexible SD-WAN service. The Juniper platform Cloud CPE delivers the 3rd demand – Smartly Designed.


  • Significantly-Differentiated WAN

Lastly service providers are increasingly challenged to stay ahead and innovate. To achieve this goal, the SD-WAN solution cannot be a “me too” solution. Instead the solution choice must be one that allows them to leverage the strengths of their MPLS network and formulate a holistic solution that will likely require integration with a range of managed services such as security. Juniper’s Cloud CPE is the choice platform in the industry that enables service providers to offer bundled managed services. The 4th need delivered – Significantly Differentiated.


Well, that was a fun game of being creative with choice words starting with “S” and “D” combined with WAN. Of course the industry term for SD-WAN is Software Defined WAN. Click here to learn more about Juniper’s perspectives on SD-WAN.  

Nov 21, 2016
Juniper Employee

Nice blog, Wayne!