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Service Provider Transformation
A Year in Burgundy Through The Lens of NFV
Apr 4, 2016


An exemplar review of a fine French Burgundy normally goes like this:

Produced from the vines that surround Burgundy region of eastern France, this elegantly structured wine opens with aromas of black plum, mocha, Mediterranean herbs and a hint of scorched earth. The round, light oak accents don't cover up the ripe, juicy, black cherry, blackberry, and cinnamon flavors that fill the mouth and linger on the finish. Richness, depth and generosity are good traits of this full-bodied but smooth-textured Pinot Noir. It's an all-around crowd pleaser that has everything in balance. Aged for up to 18 months in oak barrels, it's already enjoyable and will offer fine drinking over the next few years.


Communication service providers (CSPs) have traditionally approached managed service like a fine wine. That is, it normally takes 12 to 18 months for a new managed service to be finally available to enterprise customers. With today’s rapidly evolving marketplace and constant competitive pressure from over-the-top players, the “wait-for-maturity” approach cannot longer hold water, or wine for that matter.


Speed to innovate is the key to remain competitive in today’s market. Applications and services have rendered conventional network only connectivity as a commodity. CSPs must possess the capability to create new services to address unanticipated demands at low cost and instantaneously scaling up for market traction.


Enterprise customers will expect and even pressure CSPs to support their evolving business needs. They will want customized managed service, on the premise and in the cloud, that supports converged communication services, Internet of Things (IoT), and real time analytics for informed business decisions. They expect to leverage virtualization technology for customized virtual network functions, including IP VPN, virtual firewall, anti-malware, SD-WAN, and more.  The ability to support flexible deployment with compute and storage at the most optimal location for applications that meet the customer needs is a key differentiator.


Together Juniper Networks and our Professional Services team are here to help CSPs navigate these new waters by:


  • Accelerate the deployment of new services with our Cloud CPE Assessment
  • Migrate from a one-size–fits-all service model to highly customized services and new business models with our Service Creation Advisory
  • Maintain competitive advantage by combining existing physical and virtual assets.
  • Successfully deploy an agile infrastructure and flexible workflow.
  • Manage service provisioning, delivery, and ongoing maintenance with automation.
  • Launch Cloud CPE services that improve capital efficiency, reduce operational expenditures, and ultimately revenue growth.


Interested?  Take these steps to learn more


  1. Watch this webinar on leverage NFV for Cloud CPE
  2. I encourage you to download the latest Cloud CPE report by Ovum
  3. Learn how we are transforming enterprise services from this Light Reading video
  4. Need an example, see how Orange Business Services is transforming with Cloud CPE


There are endless possibilities with Juniper’s Cloud CPE solution.  Visit the Big NFV Idea @ Juniper Networks for more information.

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