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All You Can Eat DWDM
Sep 29, 2016

Everyone has heard of "too much of a good thing". Whoever came up with that probably wasn't running a network. Those of us trying to keep up with insatiable data demands always need more. More capacity. And more tacos.
PIC Tacos.png
As your appetite for transport grows, consider an appetizer: Juniper started things cooking with the 1x100G DWDM MIC for MX. This highly-successful MIC delivers the goods: 96 channel DWDM, 40-2000km reach, powerful DSP, multi-rate FEC, pluggable coherent optics, i.e. the full meal deal. 
For many access aggregation and edge applications 100G DWDM per slot may fit the bill. For others, especially in the core, there's no such thing as too much capacity.
Supersize Me
Enter the 5x100G DWDM PIC for PTX. Cooked up from the same recipe as its little MIC brother, the PTX-5-100G-WDM brings 500G of DWDM capacity per slot to the PTX3000 and 1T / slot to PTX5000. Couple this with the FPC3's custom ExpressPlus silicon and you've got quite a dish.
PIC formal.png
Combination Plate
What if you need both MX & PTX in your network? Not a problem. Both the 5x100G PIC and 1x100G MIC share the same DSP + SDFEC technology, pluggable coherent optics and Junos. You can even pair it with the 100GBASE-ZR CFP, if that suits your palate. Whatever your need, an interoperable combo plate is definitely on the menu. 
Order Up
If you need 10x100G DWDM per slot, now is not the time for a diet. PTX-5-100G-DWDMNow that's what I call a taco.