Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Juniper Networks’ Contrail Cloud Eases the Journey to Service Delivery in the Telco Cloud

Service providers are experiencing massive growth in traffic due to increasing consumption of rich media content such as 3D videos, virtual & augmented reality content, gaming and other types of new and immersive content and services, as well as huge traffic from billions of IOT (Internet of Things) and connected devices. At the same time, they need to accelerate delivery of mobility and business services that support all the aforementioned kinds of devices and traffic. As a result, service providers are not only cloudifying their entire infrastructure, including central offices (COs) and points-of-presence (POPs), but they are also trying to move the cloud as close to the end-user as possible, in order to give the users the best possible quality of  experience, thereby contributing to the edge computing trend. Service providers, therefore need to create scalable, performant, distributed, and always-on Telco cloud. 


But the journey to standing up such a cloud is paved with a litany of challenges. Firstly, there are operational expertise and architectural know-how required to build out a cloud that is highly distributed and scalable. Secondly, often times the cloud is built using products from multiple vendors, and it is a huge challenge to coordinate integration, interoperability and solution-level support across these different vendors. Thirdly, there are DevOps skills and CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) tools that are absolutely essential to take all the disparate multi-vendor products and facilitate frequent patching, upgrading, and updating of the cloud environment. And finally, there is immense complexity in operating, troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of a cloud environment, where data is being sent from all these heterogeneous and often non-integrated components, as well as offering carrier-grade service level agreements (SLAs) and service assurance for such a cloud.


Overcoming all these challenges requires not only expertise with technology and tools across the board, but it also requires huge amount of coordination and thorough solution-level testing across the different multi-vendor components. Failure to do so could prevent the operator from executing on their vision of next-generation service delivery.


Contrail Cloud Delivers …

This is where Juniper Networks' Contrail Cloud comes to the rescue and helps service providers take on all these challenges head-on. The latest enhanced version of Contrail Cloud offers a complete packaged cloud software along with professional and advanced services that enable service providers of all sizes to streamline management and operations of their Telco cloud.


This enhanced version of Contrail Cloud features the following key components:


  1. Expanded partnership with Red Hat:

Red Hat is an industry leader when it comes to OpenStack and Linux. With the new enhancements to Contrail Cloud, we are now offering Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as well as Red Hat Ceph to enable distributed compute and storage for a scalable and production-ready cloud solution.


  1. AppFormix integration:

AppFormix was an acquisition that Juniper made late last year to solve the operational challenges in cloud environments. The enhanced Contrail Cloud enables real-time monitoring and service assurance of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) workloads by offering the industry-leading monitoring functionalities of AppFormix. AppFormix provides operational insight and oversees the health and availability of the cloud and the deployed resources through real-time monitoring, developing baseline indicators of health, and alerting any deviations from the baseline, thereby making operators aware of issues before they turn into outages.


  1.  End-to-end support services offering:

To overcome the challenges of running a Telco cloud infrastructure, expertise in cloud, virtualization, automation, and operations is a must. Juniper offers such expertise through our Professional Services (PS) and Advanced Services (AS) consultants to bootstrap and deploy production workloads on the Contrail Cloud architecture. Juniper PS consultants work with architecture, engineering, and operations teams at our customer sites, tailoring the cloud delivery environment to their unique requirements and helping them build out their cloud platform. And once deployed, Juniper AS works side-by-side with the customer to monitor the health of the infrastructure and ensures that cloud is available and ready for running the next-generation of services. And when these customers are ready to take the plunge and manage their cloud platform and service delivery in-house, Juniper provides training and transfers the knowledge required to run a production-grade cloud platform, thereby transferring management of the cloud to the customer and moving into a support role to ensure continued success.


  1.  Pre-Validated Virtual Network Functions:

Earlier in the year we talked about interoperability of Contrail with VNFs, such as Affirmed. Juniper works in close partnership with such VNF vendors to pre-validate them and give operators confidence that virtual services will quickly deploy and perform on Contrail Cloud infrastructure. With these efforts, customers preparing to deploy 5G services (or new entrants to the wireless market) can now easily launch virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solutions, and offer mobility services to their subscribers without worrying about compatibility or end-to-end solution testing. Over time Contrail Cloud will have a lot more pre-validated VNFs for customers to leverage and deploy different advanced mobility and business services on their Telco cloud.


  1.  Contrail Networking:

Last but by no means the least is Contrail Networking, a distributed, scalable and carrier-grade cloud networking product, that is a key component of Contrail Cloud offering. Over the last half-decade, Contrail Networking has been leading the industry by powering the cloud networks for not only the top tier-1 Telcos (AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, just to name a few), but it also has been running production networks for large SaaS providers, Cable Operators, Enterprises and Hosting providers. All that experience and capabilities goes into the Contrail Cloud offering, thereby ensuring that customers have the industry-leading cloud networking solution powering their infrastructure.


In addition, Contrail Cloud features an easy-to-use orchestration interface, to enable getting services up and running quickly and easily, without having to navigate multiple interfaces, orchestrators, and systems. By combining the industry-leading Red Hat OpenStack platform with the best-in-class Contrail SDN and AppFormix solutions, operators are guaranteed a reliable, high-performance, production-grade service delivery platform with service assurance. Furthermore, by offering professional and advanced services, Contrail Cloud eases the transition to cloud-enabled service delivery for Service Providers.


Deploying mission-critical virtual infrastructure on cloud platforms is not for the faint of heart. Contrail Cloud eases the path by pre-selecting best-in-breed components paired with validated and tested virtual service stacks. Juniper works closely with our telco customers to manage the installation of cloud hardware and software, as well as the bootstrapping and maintenance of cloud services. And Juniper stays with you for the entire lifecycle of the deployment, bridging the skills gaps and simplifying the management of complex infrastructure.

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