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Service Provider Transformation
Juniper’s Innovative MX10008 Recognized with Grand Prix Award at Interop Tokyo
Jun 21, 2018

Juniper engineering has done it again: their innovative work on the MX10008 5G Universal Routing Platform was recognized with the highly coveted Grand Prix Award at Interop Tokyo 2018 earlier this month.


The breakthrough universal chassis concept employed by the MX10008 debuted back in 2015, with the introduction of the QFX10008 and QFX10016 switches. The effort to simplify customer operations with a common, standardized chassis across multiple use cases covering the full spectrum of networking has come full circle with announcement of MX10000 line.




Why did the MX10008 win the Grand Prix Award? Simple: Juniper designs solutions that solve real-world customer pain points. Gone are the days where customers are expected to waste valuable time and resources learning, deploying, and maintaining multiple networking platforms across their infrastructure.  Rather than throw away precious OpEx/CapEx dollars sparing three different power supplies, fan trays, and routing engines, or sending network teams to three distinct training programs, Juniper’s unique universal chassis helps customers realize significant savings by training once and applying what they learn across various use cases. It is engineering simplicity at its finest. 


The judges at Interop Tokyo not only recognized the intrinsic value of the universal chassis concept, they also witnessed the power and versatility of how the MX10008 helps service providers and enterprises alike address fast-growing applications such as Cloud, 5G Mobility, SD-WAN, and IoT.


For those unfamiliar with the product, the MX10008 5G Universal Routing Platform offers mix-and-match line cards that provide dense and scalable 10/40/100GbE interfaces and power efficiency. The routing platform runs Juniper’s Junos operating system, which provides the agile infrastructure, pervasive security, and adaptive disaggregated software with infinite programmability required in today’s cloud era.


The MX10008 is ideal for space- and power-constrained environments, redefining per-slot economics. By virtual of the universal chassis, it also shares a common set of components with other Juniper products, enabling scalable network infrastructure for 5G, IoT and Cloud applications. Powered by the same programmable Trio silicon as all other MX Series routers, the MX10008 leverages nearly two decades of Juniper R&D investments and innovations that have transformed the economics of networking. Finally, common PFE and software ensures complete feature, operational, and management consistency across the entire MX Series product line, reducing the cost, risk, and complexity of network evolution while helping customers rapidly qualify and deploy the award-winning MX10008 in their networks. 


Today’s space- and power-constrained service providers, cloud operators, and large enterprise need agility, programmability, and security. Juniper’s Secure Automated Multicloud architecture for enterprises and Secure Automated Distributed Cloud blueprint for service providers—anchored by the MX10008—helps customers react quickly to changing market conditions, accelerating service delivery with world-class products and innovation.