Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Junos OS Has the Toolkit to Make You an Automation Wizard.
Oct 21, 2016

One of the hottest topics circulating throughout the telecommunications industry today is how service providers are transforming their business model, migrating from a traditional telco operational management style to a development operations style. 


But did you know that his hot topic is old news at Juniper?  With its cutting-edge Junos network operating system, Juniper has been helping service providers evolve into DevOps engineering masters with the skills required to leverage automation tools like a powerful Gryffindor wizard.  These tools are bestowing new powers to service providers, enabling them to transform their companies into a smooth, operationally efficient engine that would do Steven and Mitchell Rales, the founders of Danaher Corp., proud.


Your journey to DevOps wizard includes a number of steps.  After all, you can’t just show up at Hogwarts and become a wizard without at least some exposure to, and knowledge of, the nomenclature and definitions of the technology you’re about to learn.  You need to be prepared.  The “Transforming to DevOps with Junos OS" white paper does an excellent job describing just how important DevOps-enabled automation and orchestration are to the future success of the telecommunications industry.  Winners and losers will be determined by how quickly they can weave the new philosophical principles of DevOps into the fabric of their organization.  And you can be the change agent that brings this cultural shift to your organization, demonstrating the power and impact of DevOps by squeezing new levels of operational efficiencies out of existing processes and workflows, freeing up valuable resources to drive innovation and growth for decades to come. 


Once you've read the white paper and become more familiar with how transformative DevOps and Junos OS can be for your company, it’s time to take your first step toward becoming a DevOps wizard, mastering the powers that lie just beneath the surface.  Juniper has made it easier than ever to leverage the power of control, automation, and orchestration through direct access to the Junos OS control plane on Juniper routers and switches via the Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET).  As a developer, you may find the JET Developer Guide particularly useful, as it will take you through the mystic arts of how JET interacts with the Junos OS to develop and deploy homegrown applications or a host of other resources.


Every journey begins with a single step.  Welcome to the first step of your journey to becoming a DevOps automation, orchestration, and analytics wizard.

Oct 21, 2016
Juniper Employee

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