Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
MX Series 3D Power Points
Feb 10, 2016

I am slated to address a few power-related topics at an upcoming customer briefing. Though power rarely makes the headlines, it is a fundamental issue for service providers—informing infrastructure decisions across all network domains.


While the MX Series 3D has a wide range of power-optimizing features; I plan to focus on just a few:


  • At the system level we offer an Ambient Temperature knob that lets customers align system cooling requirements to the actual conditions in their facility. This can save power
  • At the card level we offer MIC Aware Power Management for Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) that support Modular Interface Cards (MICs). This lets customers provision MPC power based on the actual installed MICs and can yield dramatic power savings.
  • At the component level we offer Feature Aware Power Management, which lets customer’s provision power based on actual MPC configuration instead of ‘worst-case’ configuration.

Widgets like these help customers align MX Series power configuration to their actual use-case, and can dramatically improve power efficiency. That’s the ‘how.’ Of greater interest is the ‘by how much?’


Juniper MX Series Power Improvement

Leveraging these and other power related enhancements, the MX2020 and new MPC9E line card consumes approximately .8W/Gb throughput, breaking the 1W/Gb threshold. This represents an 80% reduction in power consumption over the past five years, and is just a third of the power consumed by edge routers from other vendors when used in the same configuration.


Power-efficiency is not limited to our newest platforms; our original MX960 customers are also enjoying similar benefits.


Juniper MX Series 10 Year Power CostsFor instance, the MX960 consumed about 14W/Gb when it was introduced in 2007; at the same time, U.S. electricity rates were around 9.6 cents per kilowatt hour. Given various enhancements over the past 10 years, the MX960 now consumes about 1.2W/Gb, a 90%+ improvement since introduction. U.S. commercial electricity costs have increased about 9% in the same timeframe.


While specific power reduction and related operational savings vary depending on configuration, electricity costs and other factors, the bottom line is the MX Series 3D can help service providers reduce power consumption—which is exactly the kind of PowerPoint—and power points—that customers want to see.