Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Making Distributed Telco Cloud a Reality

The future of the service provider has two speeds: quick or non-existent. With connectivity services rapidly commoditizing and competition heating up, service providers have to develop new services, and deliver them to market faster than their peers.


The key to all of this - distributed telco cloud.


But, distributed telco cloud is more than relabeling the status quo. Built around software, the distributed cloud’s foundation is virtualization, and the services are delivered using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


In fact, according to a recent IHS Markit’s report, the NFV market will reach $36 billion by 2021. This is a clear indication that service providers are not just experimenting with, but rapidly preparing for, a distributed cloud driven by virtualized infrastructure. Of course, an architectural shift like this will come with challenges.


Building and operating a distributed cloud is no easy task. Service providers have proven beyond a doubt that they can build out a network. But delivering dynamic services on a distributed cloud is more challenging. It involves multi-vendor software with cloud-tailored management and orchestration tools. This means that service providers must deliver new infrastructure, using new processes and even new skills that have traditionally not been part of the service provider DNA. Indeed, distributed cloud represents a transformation across all parts of the business and more than merely an infrastructure deployment. It’s a massive undertaking, requiring a financial and personnel commitment to complete the migration.


What service providers need is a simple and proven platform that can provide trusted services and help them overcome all of these challenges. Enter Juniper’s Contrail Cloud.


Leveraging more than two decades of experience providing solutions for the most demanding service provider environments imaginable, Juniper Networks has packaged the infrastructure and operational components to make distributed telco cloud a success for service providers everywhere. By simplifying the service provider cloud business, Contrail Cloud is providing the foundation for an always-on, highly-differentiated service offering.


Contrail Cloud is an integrated telco cloud platform built to run high-performance NFV with always-on reliability, which enables service providers to deliver innovative services with greater agility. Utilizing Juniper’s reliable industry expertise to build and operate the cloud, simplifies and streamlines business operations, giving service providers an edge over their competition.


Contrail Cloud combines Contrail Networking with Red Hat’s industry-leading OpenStack solution to create a platform that brings together proven, dynamic cloud orchestration and high-scale connectivity. Furthermore, Contrail Cloud has built-in automation capability powered by machine learning to run cloud infrastructure and VNFs in the most optimal manner, remediating potential failures and guaranteeing service SLAs.


Contrail Cloud is a differentiating way to manage distributed cloud:

  • With Juniper’s end-to-end support services, Contrail Cloud is more than a product. It represents a migration from legacy to cloud services, with support for technology, process, and people. This means the transition can be less difficult and take less time, allowing service providers to focus their energy where it’s best spent - on their customers.
  • Built with industry leading components, such as Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform, Contrail Networking, and AppFormix, service providers can enhance the performance of their VNFs on a proven platform.
  • AppFormix provides real-time monitoring with automated remedial action powered by machine learning, ensuring that service providers have always-on reliability for their services.

With Juniper’s enhanced Contrail Cloud, service providers can now realize the full benefits of a distributed telco cloud - maximizing revenue while minimizing time and cost. Where distributed telco cloud is concerned, Juniper has answered the question of how. The only question left is - what’s next?


To learn more about the technical details of Contrail Cloud, read Pratik Roychowdhury’s blog.

Want to see Contrail Networking and AppFormix in action? Try sandbox.

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