Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Network Convergence with Junos® Node Slicing
Jun 20, 2017

Juniper recently introduced the concept of cloud-grade networking—a holistic end-to-end network architecture that combines the operational principles of the cloud with intelligent IP attributes. This innovative approach extends across network domains, enabling service providers, mobile operators, cloud providers, and cable operators to improve the user experience and rapidly introduce innovative new industry- or vertical-specific services.


One of the key underlying technology enablers for cloud-grade networking is Junos® OS, a pioneering operating system that powers Juniper’s broad portfolio of physical and virtual routing, security, and switching products. Today, we are pleased to announce a new addition to the Junos product family: Junos Node Slicing, an innovative approach to network convergence and optimization.


Junos Node Slicing enables the convergence of multiple concurrent network functions on the same physical infrastructure, allowing service providers to optimize their infrastructure while offering differentiated services with enhanced operational isolation in a single chassis. With the introduction of Junos Node Slicing, service providers can achieve new levels of agility and operational efficiency, including:


  • Convergence: By decoupling network software from the underlying network infrastructure, Junos Node Slicing supports the convergence of multiple concurrent network functions on a single chassis, maximizing resource utilization and improving operational efficiency.
  • Resource Isolation: While convergence allows multiple concurrent network functions to reside on a single physical device, control, management, and administrative isolation minimize interdependency among these functions. In other words, a failure in one area would not impact the other functions. Any software updates, fixes, or functionalities can also be easily introduced to any network function without impacting the others.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Junos Node Slicing use cases fall into three basic scenarios: convergence, risk management, and device consolidation. Convergence focuses on CapEx reduction by combining multiple network functions (BNG, PE, video edge, voice edge, etc.) into a single device. Risk management focuses on partitioning physical systems, such as BNG, into multiple independent logical instances so that a single instance failure would not result in a massive service outage. Lastly, device consolidation focuses on uniting network functions within a single fully redundant physical device on a distributed infrastructure. Business VPN PEs are a prime example of how consolidation significantly reduces OpEx while sustaining existing SLAs.
  • Faster Time-to-Value (TTV): It takes a long time to deploy conventional networks; rolling out a simple service might take 10 to 18 months. Such long cycles make it difficult to quickly deliver tailored services that meet user demand as required by today’s dynamic market environment.  Junos Node Slicing enables service providers to maximize capital investments by expediting the introduction of innovative services.
  • Automation: Flexibility and scalability are key features of Junos Node Slicing.  Networks can no longer rely on manual management.  Fully automatic network management techniques such as automated configuration, optimization, software updates, and plug-and-play operations are fundamental to achieving efficient network operations and providing the dynamic services.
  • Flexible Business Models and New Ecosystem: Junos Node Slicing supports new business models that empower service providers to introduce highly customized Demand for Everything-as-a-Service and specific vertical services.  This functionality, coupled with the emergence of IoT and 5G technologies, will cultivate a new ecosystem of partners and vertical industries, as well as seamless integration across elements of network services.


Junos Node Slicing BDM 061317.png


We are thrilled to bring Junos Node Slicing to our customers. After all, network convergence will form the backbone that allows service providers to maximize capital investments while achieving business agility to rapidly build better service experiences, ideate new services, and, ultimately, sustain profitability.


For a more detailed overview and deep dive on this exciting product, please download our Junos Node Slicing Feature Guide 

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