Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
New Continuum Invests in Juniper to Enable a More Sophisticated and Improved Customer Experience
May 12, 2016

Web Services companies are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and grow. When companies expand and develop, the amount of information they share and process grows with them and they need a way to manage their data efficiently.


New Continuum is a data center provider for companies who want to spend their primary resources on core competencies and not worry about hosting or managing their own data centers. New Continuum’s challenge was providing the best experience possible for their customers. In order to satisfy customers, they needed to provide security, stability, and easy manageability within their data center. Specifically, New Continuum wanted to deliver high-end data center services that can support their tier 2 customers who process massive amounts of data.


New Continuum built their new infrastructure from scratch in order to offer the most efficient and flexible solutions to their customers. To match their new facility, they needed a simple, smart and open data center.


New Continuum chose the SDN-ready Juniper Networks MX104 3D Universal Edge Router to deliver advanced edge services with carrier-grade reliability. The space and power efficient MX104 packs true carrier-grade features into a small form factor and enables New Continuum to offer advanced connectivity, including resilient connections to the United Internet Exchange, a sister company that offers Internet peering services. Other Juniper Networks products that New Continuum implemented include: QFX5100 and EX4300 switches.


To learn more about New Continuum’s story, read the case study here.

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