Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Open… A very broad term indeed and open to interpretation.
May 2, 2016

Open markets – new target segments, new services, and new geographies.

Open mindsets – new processes, new cultures, and new development and operational models. 

Open platform – open architecture, open APIs, and OpenLab.


These are the keys to unlock the door and open new opportunities at a time in the market that’s seeing enormous transformation.  In a six part webinar series, Juniper explores the market and mindset that characterizes the environment today and can be viewed by visiting the Big NFV Idea @ Juniper Networks. 


But let’s dive deeper into Juniper’s open platform for NFV.  Juniper views a platform as something our customers can use to


  1. Develop and deliver new services to market faster
  2. Help manage the complexity in their operations through simplification and automation
  3. Reduce risk by leveraging virtualization to enable the agility needed for adaptation in an evolving market place with rapid transitions.


To achieve these goals, Juniper has developed an NFV platform with an emphasis on openness.


Open NFV architecture


Juniper had developed a comprehensive end to end NFV architecture that is constructed of industry leading innovation around NFVI, MANO and VNF.   Presented with a broad set of use cases and requirements, no one vendor can solve it all.  Therefore, we have focused on a broad and open framework with our NFV architecture that allows easy onboarding of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and integrations into OSS systems.   


Specific to VNF, the story begins with our product designs that construct our NFV architecture.  They are built from ground-up to design, on-board, fulfill and manage VNFs through the entire lifecycle – whether they are VNFs from Juniper or from 3rd party vendors.  Combine that with Juniper professional services to help integration and delivery for 3rd party VNFs.


Moving to OSS, we know through our engagements with customers that integration with OSS and BSS is a difficult yet critical task for the realization of NFV into the marketplace.  As a result, Juniper has dedicated focus and resources to making this a reality.  Demonstrated through our integrations with market leading OSS systems from NEC and Amdocs, we have demonstrated the ability of Juniper’s NFV platform through open APIs.  


Visit our partner site for a list of integrations with Juniper and 3rd party vendors for both VNF, OSS and much more.  For an illustration of APIs used for integration, take a look at this whitepaper on Contrail APIs.


Juniper OpenLab


We haven’t stopped with just the platform and integrations to bring openness to reality.  Juniper has been focused on helping our innovative customers through OpenLab to bring their ideas to life.   At OpenLab, our customers can combine these technologies with their visions leveraging


  • Educations programs
  • Workshops
  • Lab resources
  • Solution incubation programs
  • Hackathons


Visit our Juniper OpenLab to see what you can do today!


This is Juniper’s translation for the term - openness.  We see it as an open book of opportunities waiting to be captured during this transformation journey and we are here to help you make them real.