Service Provider Transformation
Service Provider Transformation
OpenContrail Ranked #1 (Again!): Juniper Brings Its A-Game with a Sizzling Lineup at OpenStack
Apr 20, 2016



During Juniper’s Innovation Showcase last year, a journalist tweeted “Juniper needs to market themselves stronger… many are getting the sizzle, when JNPR has the steak.” I responded by saying that I have every intention of ensuring Juniper’s steak is getting the right amount of sizzle!


We are heading into OpenStack Austin and I’m pleased to announce that our grill as well as our presence at the show is hot. Case in point, the OpenStack User Survey has recognized our open source cloud networking platform, OpenContrail, as the most commonly used commercially available Neutron driver in the world – for the third consecutive time! Let that sizzle in your mind for a bit, and if you still aren’t convinced, come see our chops in action at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, kicking off on Monday, April 25th.


OpenContrail Users Group Meeting

The OpenContrail community is getting together again -- please join us in welcoming AT&T, eBay Classifieds, Symantec and Tieto as new speakers to the Users Group meeting. Also, we’ll have a first-ever panel discussion where Lithium Technologies, tcp cloud and Workday will be sharing how they use Contrail and how it benefits their businesses. This event is open to everyone, but registration is required


When: April 27, 2016 at 6:00pm CT

Where: Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant, Grill and Margarita Bar (606 Trinity St., Austin, Texas 78701)


OpenStack Summit Presentation

We are excited to have a total of 12 breakout sessions this year at the OpenStack Summit. Remember, at the OpenStack Summit, the speaking slots are not pay-for-play… they’re earned.  The community voted on these because they wanted to hear what Juniper and our customers have to say.   


The Juniper-led sessions are:


  1. Winning Marketing Strategies for OpenStack– Jointly with Lithium Technologies and Mirantis
  2. Building secure-networks across cloud boundaries
  3. Telco Cloud Requirements: What VNF's Are Asking For– Jointly with AT&T
  4. Ceilometer, Nova and Neutron – working together to provide a healthy network for your cloud
  5. NFV for Enterprise - Are we doing enough?
  6. OpenStack and the IoT: Where We Stand, Where We're Going, What We Need to Get There
  7. Deploying Router Functionalities as VNF
  8. Juniper Container SRX Intro and Use Case


The customer/partner-led sessions are:


  1. Using Open Source Security Architecture to Defend against Targeted Attacks –Led by Mirantis
  2. OpenStack HA, or not HA: that is the question!– Led by Workday
  3. Operators experience and perspective on SDN with VLANs and L3 Networks– Led by tcpCloud and Workday
  4. Rocket Fuel for Networks: SDN solutions with OpenStack Fuel– Led by Mirantis
  5. Building a SmartCity with IoT Keynote – Led by tcp cloud

Click on any of the links above to sign up for these sessions. You can also follow us on Twitter @JuniperNetworks and use #OpenStack for exclusive updates.


After the OpenContrail Users Group meeting on the 27th, we will be holding a dinner reception, starting at 8:00 p.m. CT at the same location. You do not need to be a Contrail user to attend so we look forward to seeing you there! Register here.