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OpenStack Summit 2017 Boston – Vote for Juniper and Customer Talks
Feb 21, 2017

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OpenStack Summit is coming to Boston in May 2017 and we at Juniper Networks are excited and proud to be a co-sponsor for the event. If you are planning to attend the event we will be located in the expo hall at booth # A1. We are also participating in the Open Source Days at the Summit where we will be featuring use cases, product features, and progress related to OpenContrail.


As usual, Juniper and its customers and partners have submitted various talks and sessions for the summit ranging from Cloud Automation, Virtualization, Security to IoT. It is up to YOU to decide on which talk will be finally selected for the main conference. Only a handful of these presentations will be picked based on the number of votes received for each talk, so we request you to help us get the below talks selected and you can get to see Juniper’s contribution towards OpenStack community.


Cast your vote today and the community voting ends Monday, February 21st at 11:59pm PDT.


How to Vote:

Before you start voting for the individual talks, you need to Sign in or sign up for an OpenStack account. Once signed in, leave the browser open between searching for the titles below. When you click each title, please chose option #3 “Would love to see!” as shown in the below picture



Juniper led Sessions:


1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Smart City Networks


2. The OpenStack Advantage for Hybrid Cloud Architectures


3. OpenContrail Bot - A bot to deploy/manage/monitor your OpenStack+OpenContrail cloud


4. 7 "must-haves" for highly effective Telco NFV deployments


5. TripleO - How to use Composable Services & Roles to integrate a SDN controller into OpenStack


6. Making the Telco Cloud Great Again with Openstack and Mobility vEPC


7. Multi-Region Build-as-a-Service cloud with 20 Petabytes Distributed Storage hosting    

     5000+ developers


8. High Availability in Telco Cloud


9. “Stranger Things” Belong in The Upside Down, not Your Neutron and LBaaS deployments


10. Software-defined networking stack - from network (L2-L3) to application (L4-L7) layers


11. Why is getting to cloud so %$#@!! expensive?!


12. Using Software-Defined WAN implementation to turn on advanced connectivity services in OpenStack


Customers, Partners, and Friends led sessions:



13. How to operate a “mille-feuille” network, AT&T journey with network operations in an OpenStack cloud

       Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks


14. Challenges and Solution for delivering Virtual Carrier Grade Routing Functions on Openstack

       Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks


15. Scale Out and Failover mechanisms for virtualized carrier grade network functions

       Led by AT&T and Juniper Networks


16. Achieve enterprise grade performance with scale in Telco cloud

       Led by AT&T


       Led by AT&T


18. Automation of End-to-End and Full Stack Testing of an OpenStack Cloud

       Led by AT&T


19. Future of Cloud Networking and Policy Automation

       Led by Cox Communications, AppOrbit and Juniper Networks


20. A Service Providers journey rolling out OpenStack based managed NFV services

       Led by Cox Communications and Juniper Networks


21. Building hyperscale OpenStack clusters with Continuous Deployment by using Container and SDN

       Led by Yahoo Japan


22. Accelerated OpenStack Networking with Contrail vRouter

      Led by Netronome and Juniper Networks


23. Multi-vendor LBaaS support

      Led by Avi Networks and Juniper Networks


24. SFC in OpenStack cloud with different SDN Controllers - Challenges and Usecases

       Led by NXP India


25. ODL/OpenContrail Integration with OpenStack, the Pain the Gain and the lessons learnt

       Led by Ericsson


26. Migration from VMware to OpenStack cloud with an SDN (e.g., Open Contrail) overlay

      Led by AT&T and Ericsson


27. Troubleshooting Neutron with OpenContrail

       Led by Ericsson


28. OpenStack with Software-Defined Networking

      Led by Vamsi Mohana Dintakurti


29. Turbo Charged VNFs at 40 gbit/s. Approaches to deliver fast, low latency networking using OpenStack.

      Led by Mirantis


30. Using Top of the Rack Switch as a fast L2 and L3 Gateway on OpenStack.

      Led by Mirantis



In the meantime, if you are curious about how Juniper Contrail can help with your OpenStack network virtualization and automation, reserve your Contrail Sandbox today!