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Plenty to See @ OFC
Mar 25, 2016

OFCMonkey.jpgMarch is here and for optical-types like me that means an annual pilgrimage to the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in Anaheim. OFC is the single largest conference for optical component vendors and system manufacturers. While the swag offerings were pretty dismal (the best being a paltry-sized t-shirt-wearing monkey), there were no shortage of new product announcements.


Juniper Debuts


Working the floor this year at the Juniper booth was a new family 100G pluggable DWDM interfaces. Readers of this blog are already aware of Juniper’s earlier coherent offerings, but this show marks the debut of pluggable coherent DWDM interfaces for both MX & PTX. A quick recap:




The MIC3-100G-DWDM is Juniper's first coherent DWDM interface for the wildly-popular MX960/480/240 platforms. When paired with the MPC3 family (MX-MPC3E-3D, MX-MPC3E-3D-NG or MX-MPC3E-3D-NG-Q) this card enables optical reach up to 2000km directly from the front panel (your mileage may vary). In addition to long-haul support, the MIC3-100G-DWDM also supports HGFEC (aka 'Staircase FEC', aka 'Cortina FEC') and GFEC modes for 3rd-party interoperability.



MX240 (with retro livery) and 1x100G DWDM MIC





Also on booth duty was the new 5x100G DWDM PIC. It’s based upon the same technology as the MIC3-100G-DWDM but packs 1T of DWDM capacity per slot. This is not the first coherent offering on PTX, but offers a 250% increase in bandwidth vs. the original P1-PTX-2-100G-WDM PIC plus the added advantages pluggable optics.



PTX3000 and 5x100G DWDM PIC




Elsewhere on the show floor, CFP2-ACO was widely on display. A key example from the vendor-agnostic OIF booth which had a pluggable CFP2-ACO module + on-board DSP on display. This is particularly significant as it represents a standardized, multi-vendor ecosystem for pluggable coherent optics. This represents the culmination of several years’ work on the CFP2-ACO Implementation Agreement which was just released in January.



CFP2-ACO + DSP demo @ OIF booth


But Wait – There’s More!


There is plenty more to report for OFC besides PIC, MICs & monkeys – if you couldn’t make by the booth, be sure to check out the optical integration announcements @ Swag not included.

Mar 29, 2016
Juniper Employee

Steve: You need to complete the blog with Sevilla too...Cordoba MIC, PIC and SevillaCordoba MIC, PIC and Sevilla