Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Reinventing the Internet Edge
Jul 9, 2019

EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson and Juniper Networks


The massive growth in devices and applications connected to the internet is driving an explosion in internet traffic. Applications that demand a next-gen experience have new requirements for lower latency, improved synchronization and jitter, lower packet loss, increased quality of service and improved security.


In this environment, sending and receiving data across the public internet, with content and applications hosted at centralized data centers, just takes too much time and needs to improve from a reliability standpoint in order to scale the next wave of traffic and number of devices connected. As we have discussed before, edge cloud provides an answer. Placing applications, or part of them, closer to customers enables service providers to deliver increased quality of service and a seamless user experience for a range of latency and performance sensitive services and apps, including content delivery, gaming, SD-core and low-latency live video streaming.


The question for application and content providers is how they can provide the network needed to deliver edge computing on a global scale. They can build their own global networks – and some are – or they can partner with other companies around the world. But with thousands of different operators, it’s a difficult feat.


However, noticing that application and content providers struggle to extend their reach beyond their own borders, Ericsson has introduced a new approach. It’s called EDGE GRAVITY.


1024Square.pngEDGE GRAVITY

EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson is a small and nimble subsidiary fully owned by Ericsson as part of the Business Area Technologies and New Businesses unit. Its purpose is to create next generation solutions in the edge cloud marketplace by establishing a global network and ecosystem of service providers.


Using the existing Unified Delivery Network (UDN), EDGE GRAVITY is connecting service providers to the network with applications running on the network. Together, this new global ecosystem enables experimentation with a variety of technologies to determine optimal techniques for future edge cloud and edge computing services.


The premise of its new business model is that by creating an ecosystem that includes its service providers and edge cloud technology partners – and combining their networks and resources together, deployed with ubiquitous edge cloud technology stack– EDGE GRAVITY can deliver a global UDN that meets the needs of application and content providers for reduced latency, greater scalability and an optimal user experience.


EDGE GRAVITY Architecture and Juniper Networks

EDGE GRAVITY’s promise of enhancing the end-user experience on content and applications requires a high-performance global network and over 20 distributed data center sites.


EDGE GRAVITY has partnered with Juniper Networks to build a scalable MPLS network around the world using MX Series Routers and Juniper EX and QFX Series Switches to power Ericsson’s distributed data centers. Juniper provides a single operating system across the network, Junos OS, that automates network operations with streamlined precision, ensures operational efficiency and frees up valuable time and resources for top-line growth opportunities.


Juniper Networks’ equipment is deployed in mission-critical networks. It helps network operators prepare their networks and their businesses to react quickly to ever-changing market conditions in the cloud era.


Based on a recent survey by IHS Markit, Juniper Networks ranked #1 in four of the top five criteria that service providers use in selecting a routing and switching manufacturer against other market leaders. According to those surveyed, Juniper ranks #1 in Product Reliability, Technology Innovation, Security and Service and Support.


Benefits for Service, Content and Application Providers

EDGE GRAVITY is already finding favor within the ecosystem of content providers, application providers and an impressive list of service providers, particularly with the advent of 5G. The solution enables them to roll out new services faster than they would otherwise be able to do. EDGE GRAVITY and the UDN Network of partners truly embodies a fast track to global scale.


For content providers, EDGE GRAVITY allows them to increase their reach and capacity without having to invest in additional infrastructure.


Application providers gain benefits in two areas. First, they have a robust, stable global platform to deliver high-speed, high-quality, low-latency applications to their customers. Second, they can use the network to rapidly expand their reach, which is particularly advantageous for small, start-up companies.


Traditionally, network service providers’ business models didn’t benefit from the over-the-top services offered over their networks. EDGE GRAVITY now allows service providers to enjoy benefits and revenues generated from these applications and their content. With this cutting-edge model, service providers can also offer compelling services to their end users.


EDGE GRAVITY is an innovative ecosystem of global collaboration between content, application and service providers to deliver services that meet customers’ highly interactive and data intensive needs. Juniper is happy to be a part of such an exciting alternative to traditional network approaches.


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