Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Service Provider Transformation: Change is the New Normal
Jul 25, 2016

With today’s ever changing competitive landscape, transformation is no longer an option, it’s become an imperative for Service providers to remain relevant, prosper and grow their business. The need for transformation is being driven by several challenges both external and internal, as well as strategic and operational.  Although a transformation strategy and exact approach will vary among service providers, we’ve identified a few key areas where transformation needs to occur:


  • Business: Leverage new technologies and network architectures to create rapid service creation and delivery with competitive pricing models;
  • Technology: Adopt virtualization and cloud technologies to create open network platforms with system level automation and predictive analytics;
  • Organization: Align the vision for transformation across every level in the organization, while also recruiting new skills shifting the focus from network centric toward software centric talent.

Successful Service Provider transformation will make the difference between creating an environment that offers a future wave of growth or becoming irrelevant in a market where innovative disruptors are making their mark in a big and impactful way.  Want to hear more on this topic? 



Pratik Roychowdhury, Senior Director and Head of Product Management for Contrail at Juniper, and Ray Mota, CEO, ACG Research debate how and why service providers must transform their business, technology and organization to meet the demands and opportunities of the new virtual and cloud world.