Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
The Role of the Telco in an SD-WAN world
Sep 19, 2016


With the fast adoption of SD-WAN, many SPs are trying to understand their role in future enterprise connectivity. Will MPLS IP-VPN be completely replaced by SD-WAN? Will SPs become simply low-cost undifferentiated capacity?


Well, this is the idea many SD-WAN vendors are sharing, but we know this is not the case. It is true, that IP-VPN MPLS revenues might decline but we believe that QoS will still be relevant for many applications, and this is an opportunity for SPs to differentiate.


At Juniper we want to help Service Providers embrace the SDWAN disruption, and transform it into an opportunity for their business.


The enterprise rapid adoption of SD-WAN is fueled by promises of cost savings but it also opens up security risks and uncertainty on the overall network performance.


Juniper's SD-WAN solution helps Service Providers maximize the opportunities presented by the changing enterprise requirements. It combines the scale of MPLS and broadband to reduce the overall cost while mantaining QoS; it addresses the security concerns and provides a platform for growth; all in an agile and automated way.


If you are planning to attend the SD-WAN Summit 2016 in Paris, stop by the Juniper booth to discuss in more detail your particular case.


Finally, you can learn more about the SD-WAN opportunity for SPs in this PWC white paper.