Service Provider Transformation
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Service Provider Transformation
Using NFV to enhance your Core Investments and Transform
May 2, 2016

Another playoff season is among us.Another playoff season is among us.

In the National Hockey League (NHL), 16 teams have embarked on their annual pursuit of the Stanley Cup, awarded each year to the league champion. In parallel, 16 teams in the National Basketball League (NBA) are undergoing the annual spring rite of chasing the ultimate league championship. The defending champion Golden State Warriors in the NBA has emerged again as a favorite following their record breaking 73 wins during the regular season. The team has build their success on a core consisting of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. But adding to this core with agility and flexibility is paramount to success.


Successful sport teams have great similarities to what we are seeing with NFV. These teams have assembled, over time, a strong foundation of core players to build their team around. Paramount to their success, these teams constantly tweak their roster via trade or free agency by acquiring complementary players that addressed internal weakness or enhanced the skillsets of existing core players.


A similar analogy can be drawn to open networking architecture.


The emergence of SDN, NFV, and virtualization technologies has ushered in a new era of innovation. Communication service providers (CSPs) can maximize business outcomes by undergoing a technology transformation. Leveraging the core foundation of their traditional network, CSPs now need to deliver new services or create elastic growth to meet dynamic requirements. They can now leverage NFV and SDN technology to enhance their core architecture with a blend of physical + virtual, automated orchestration, application-agnostic processing resources, and on demand scalability. Equally importantly, an NFV architectural platform with complete openness for third party virtual network functions (VNFs) that will reduce time to deploy new services, increase operational agility, and to unlock immediate market opportunities in this increasingly competitive market.


Juniper has been at the forefront of NFV solution. Junipers open end-to-end NFV solution architecture is based on ETSI standard open source architecture with automated programmability, carrier-grade reliability, security, and scalability that simplify CSPs transformation their CORE architecture for the future.


I would like to invite you to listen our webinar: Technology Transformation: Leverage SDN/NFV to Empower Change, download our white paper on a tactical methodology to embrace NFV.


There are endless possibilities with Juniper’s NFV Architecture. Visit the Big NFV Idea @ Juniper Networks for more information.