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Service Provider Transformation
Winning with Multitenant SRX Series Services: Managed Services Provider Lowers Costs and Improves Customer Net Promoter Score
Sep 30, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post by Andrew Hill, COO of OneConfig, a Juniper Networks Technology Alliance Partner based in Sydney, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.



Our customer, Real World Technology Solutions, is a managed service provider that is using our new multitenant SRX Series management solution to lower cost per ticket and improve customer Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Real World Technology Solutions is passionate about delivering expert and human-centric services to customers across its carrier grade​, Juniper-powered​ network​. The company uses both physical and virtual devices to deliver services to customers, including virtual router (VR) instances on SRX Series devices.


However, managing growing numbers of ​SRX Series virtual firewall instances via CLI was becoming increasingly difficult and complex. Real World was already using OneConfig to manage its Juniper CPE devices, so the decision to extend the solution to SRX Series VR instances was an easy one to make.


“OneConfig allows us to manage the host SRX branded portal, and it also provides us with a simple logical view of each customer's virtual ​firewall services. Our junior engineers can now manage these virtual devices ​easily ​and complete customer requests almost instantly,” says Andrew Yager, CEO of Real World.


OneConfig strips away the complexity of managing VRs on SRX Series devices by presenting each VR as a separate service within the portal. Finding and editing a customer’s service can be done quickly and easily by junior engineers with no Junos OS experience, allowing them to configure policies, zones, and NAT with ease. The solution reduces errors, frees up senior engineers, and lowers the cost per ticket. 


Real World customers are benefitting too, with change requests being performed almost immediately. OneConfig also provides the option of giving end customers a login to the portal (read-only or read-write) to view their service—which is an amazing way to directly engage customers and differentiate the service in a competitive market.


In this short video, we show how our multitenant solution simplifies management for service providers using VR instances within SRX Series devices—and how it provides an innovative customer portal view for their end users:



About OneConfig


OneConfig is a developer of innovative tools for the Juniper ecosystem and ​is based in Sydney, Australia. Customers include Telstra, NTT, Juniper Networks, Amnesty International, CommVerge, and more. OneConfig is a Juniper Networks Technology Alliance Partner ​(​since 2013​).


About Real World Technology Solutions


Real World is a full-service IT provider encompassing people's technology and telecommunications needs through expert solutions and human-centric delivery. Customers include federal government, enterprise, small business, and IT service providers. Real World is a Juniper partner since 2010.