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Juniper Employee
Juniper Employee
‎01-06-2009 06:04 PM
‎01-06-2009 06:04 PM

As we begin 2009, we return to work with the “clean slate” feeling and with renewed vigor to implement our 2009 plans that we have diligently worked on in Q4’08. We have celebrated our 2008 victories and are ready to implement adjustments in course to take advantage of emerging opportunities that will take the company to the next level.

From an IT perspective one constant planning exercise revolves around security; specifically ensuring the security of applications, and perhaps most important the security of proprietary information and customer data. Every year, we endeavor to stay one step in front of the hackers by deploying and fine tuning the right combination of security element to our networks.  

In reviewing the security news events of 2008, the good news is that a lot of highly sophisticated and damaging attacks were identified. The bad news is that in the vast majority of cases were discovered after the breach occurred.

The big question is: why do we accept this approach as an immutable law of security? We continue to purchase and deploy security that reports about what has happened in the past instead of what is happening right now. We deploy “rear view mirror security” that empowers us to take action only after the damage has occurred.

In our personal lives, would we ever buy a physical security system that promises to inform us after a thief has broken into our houses and made off with our most prized possessions?


In planning our security strategy for this year (and indeed beyond), it is essential to choose security that not only provides a detailed historical view with drill down capabilities, but also a security solution that can identify what is happening right now in order to take action before the damage has been done.  There are lots of options as to whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic actions are taken when a breach is detected. Leading security solutions allow for the appropriate action to be configured based on the threat or type of attack.

Make the resolution now to no longer accept rear view mirror security to secure your most prized asset. Your organization depends on it.


To a happy (and secure) 2009!

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