The New Mobile Network
The New Mobile Network
MC2 in Full Effect at 4G World

4gw_logo.jpgThe 4G World show is just around the corner, and Juniper’s Brad Brooks, vice president of strategy and marketing, will deliver a keynote titled “Reinventing Business Models:  The MC2 Effect.” 


4G World is a premier event exploring every aspect of the 4G ecosystem.  In his presentation, Mr. Brooks will outline aspects of the MC2 effect (mobile, cloud, content, or MC-squared), and challenge the audience to make sure their network is ready to support the ‘gigabyte lifestyle’. 


Personally, I’m a huge fan of my 4G LTE service, and my phone bill shows I'm already enjoying (maybe a little too much) my own 'multi-gigabyte' lifestyle.  From streaming audio and videos, to downloading apps and connecting to the corporate network, I'm putting my fair share of strain on the mobile network.  


How can operators not only cope with, but profit from, enormous amounts of packet data?  Join us for Mr. Brooks' insight on these important topics.  


[Wed Oct 31, 8:40AM, McCormick Place, Skyline Ballroom W-375A]

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