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The New Mobile Network
Nov 21, 2014

This week the Metro Ethernet Forum held their first industry event – MEF GEN14.  There was much self-congratulatory talk on the success of the CE2.0 specifications - it has been wildly successful.  But ultimately there is really only so much one can say about Ethernet. 


As is common in every telecom conference these days, quickly the discussion shifted to SDN and NFV.  There were many fine presentations extolling the virtues of the technologies.  Yet it’s still early days, and most realize this is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. 



To add the Ethernet perspective to SDN/NFV, the MEF secured Bob Metcalfe, the ‘father’ of Ethernet.  In an entertaining soliloquy outlined on a piece of cardboard, Bob gave his unique brand of insight, humor and historical perspective on the market. 


What he said the industry needed in NFV was FOCACA – many were apprehensive when he threw this acronym out, but he quickly explained this as Freedom Of Choice Among Competing Alternatives. 


His point – for the NFV market to truly grow and develop, open standards and interfaces must be in place to give service providers the opportunity to truly achieve plug and play replacable components within an ecosystem. 


Juniper is supportive of FOCACA – one only needs to see the list of NFV technology partners to realize that we’re embracing FOCACA – completely open, competitive, and ultimately customer driven. 


For more information about our NFV solution, please visit this web site.


(photo - Bob Metcalfe with Susan Ursch)