The New Mobile Network
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The New Mobile Network
What can *you* do with a smarter network?
Mar 18, 2015

I speak with Juniper service provider customers around the world.  Talking abstractly about the benefits of automation and network intelligence works for the techies, but for product marketing folks, it can be difficult to translate the value of an agile IP platform into new services for customers. 


Below are three videos which are envisioned by Juniper customers. 


Are your customers concerned about protecting their information on their smartphones?  And controlling what their kids can do?  Let's create a hosted, personalized security service:



Do you envision a managed enterprise offer which brings together fixed network connectivity and mobile users into a single, managed enterprise service offer with a common management interface?  




Do your customers complain about streaming video over mobile?  


Create a personalized video delivery system to improve content delivery and a customer's video viewing experience: 




A network that knows who you are, what device and applications you’re using is the first step.  But having the ability to actually make decisions and change the services people get based on that information, in real time, is what truly differentiates the Juniper solution. 


If you can envision it, we enable it.  As we like to say – this is your ideas, connected.