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An Employee-Centric Approach: Rami Rahim Recognized as a 2016 Glassdoor Highest Rated CEO

We are incredibly proud to announce that Rami Rahim has landed a highly coveted spot on the Glassdoor 2016 Highest Rated CEO list. The only executive from our industry to make the list, Rami is ranked 24th nationwide with an extremely impressive (and deserving!) 94% organic employee approval rating. A long-time employee and leader at Juniper Networks, he was appointed as CEO two years ago and has exceeded the team’s expectations as a leader who not only knows our business inside and out, but knows what makes our employees tick.


Juniper is committed to our people, culture and values.


We believe in trust. Trusting our teams, our partners and ourselves. Rami exemplifies trust through transparency, going above and beyond to be honest and upfront with our team whether we’re celebrating or going back to the whiteboard.


We prioritize diversity and inclusivity. Juniper is committed to providing employees an environment where they can do their best work. This environment is welcoming and inclusive of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.


Over the years we’ve made great enhancements to our employee-centric approach. We are proud of our inclusive maternity and paternity policy, granting all parents, regardless of gender, 16 paid weeks of maternity or paternity leave after bringing a new child into their family. And, we continue to be laser-focused when it comes to gender diversity and other demographic diversity.


We challenge the status quo. With a deep history at Juniper (employee #32!), Rami understands and respects our heritage. As our company leader, he embodies our commitment to embrace unique perspectives, seek innovation from any source, challenge the status quo and enable our colleagues, our customers and our communities to change the world. He’s always looking ahead, and so are we.


Please join me in congratulating Rami on his placement within this list of prestigious executives.


Juniper Employee

Congrats to Rami!  The two of you are definitely leaders who inspire.

Juniper Employee
What a thrill and honour it is to work under Rami's leadership. He is a truly inspiring and visionary leader. Very well deserved.

Congrats Rami for this honour. As a Juniperites we are proud of you.

Kanupriya Dhiman

Congratulations Rami for this award. You are an inspiration for budding professionals. Proud to be associated under your guidance!


Congratulations Rami, truly well deserved.

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