The Tao of NetComm
The Tao of NetComm
Enterprise Internet Edge

InteEdge-blogpic-1030.pngIt is increasingly difficult for enterprises not to connect to the Internet or other external networks for services, business functions, communications or other similar reasons. For example, there could be employees or partners connecting to the enterprise network to remotely access the data and applications or internal users trying to access social media, cloud services, educational materials or other external resources. All this leads to more connectivity via or to the Internet.


More connectivity= More challenges. What are some of these big challenges that enterprise IT organizations constantly face?

1. Security - of the private network, data, applications, malicious attacks crippling business activities and so on.

2. Burgeoning bandwidth requirements with video consumption and the like on the rise

3. Network or application performance that matches the end user expectations

Add to this the dimensions of network complexity, costs involved and operational difficulties. But, with all these challenges, it does not mean that enterprises should rely on smoke signals to communicate with the external world. How can partners, remote workers or even some customers access relevant information? How do employees communicate with those outside the private network? Given the complexity of existing networks, planning for all this can be quite an arduous exercise.


A good starting point is to implement an Internet Edge that enables the private enterprise and Internet or external networks to interface and communicate with each other. What the Internet Edge does is to lay down the perimeter of defense, access and connectivity using routing and security as the key components. Now, implementing this can frequently require complex technical decisions on redundancy, traffic distribution or method of communicating with multiple ISP carriers. These decisions can have profound effects on how the Internet Edge performs and scales.


With their Enterprise Internet Edge solution, Juniper Networks offers enterprise IT organizations the opportunity to scale connectivity requirements and support their growing business needs at better economics. The IT organizations can leverage this Enterprise Internet Edge solution for flexibility, scalability, reliability and multi-level security along with investment protection.  With this solution, whether it is planning for IPv6 or deploying routing policies and firewalls, a rich array of features based on a common Junos operating system and industry standard technologies helps enterprise IT with growing, securing and operating their Internet Edge. The solution does not confine itself to just routing and security; components such as caching techniques result in better performance and user experience in case of video or content rich applications.  To find out more on the Juniper Networks Enterprise Internet Edge solution, click here.