The Tao of NetComm
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The Tao of NetComm
Is your business ready for Instant Evolution?
Sep 24, 2015

instant evolution.pngThe business of doing business is being reimagined every single day, thanks largely to technology. Today, irrespective of the industry that you are in, competition comes from every direction —in the form of new products or services— ranging from conventional incumbents to unlikely challengers and upstarts. Sounds familiar? 


Instant Evolution

Although enterprises routinely harness technology for success, old business models are being disrupted by the accelerated pace of the market. This in turn has raised customer expectations and altered the way work gets done. To differentiate yourself as an enterprise, it is imperative that you adopt a business model and IT infrastructure that can instantly evolve your products and services to keep pace with dynamic market changes and evolving customer needs. For this, your enterprise needs operational adaptability, agility and efficiency, along with innovation delivered by a productive and collaborative workforce.


Digital Transformation

Like most enterprises today, you may look to digital transformation—how you apply technology to the business to differentiate yourself against the competition. Such a transformation is a multi-dimensional journey that requires a shift away from looking at technology as an end in itself and more as a means to an end. When developing this strategy, your considerations could include leveraging operational efficiencies or sometimes innovation and growth—or both—in the quest for differentiation. In either case, you need a holistic approach that includes technology, culture, organizational behavior, business processes and building up the competence of the workforce.


Quantifiable Networking

When you apply this holistic approach, the network infrastructure and IT staff are central to the evolution.  As your enterprise undergoes such a transformational journey, it becomes increasingly important for the network to evolve simultaneously. You also need to measure the impact the network has on the business—i.e., the ROI it delivers—in order to fine-tune the strategy. For example, consider quantifying the effect of sub-optimal network performance on business operations and customer interactions. Your IT and network practitioners need the right toolset to visualize and analyze network-wide performance and arrive at actionable insights. With this level of network intelligence, they can predict how a dip in network performance will affect the business. So, in this example, think of analytics and telemetry as the basic network constructs that support the instant evolution of your enterprise.


The 5 Tenets

The network is a key component that enables your enterprise to instantly evolve new or improved products and services. If you are in the IT organization, this invariably leads to questions such as “Where should I begin the evolution of the network infrastructure?” or “How do I ensure that the network serves as the vehicle in the digital transformation journey?” Juniper Networks has developed an e-guide, “5 tenets of Instant Evolution,” that can help answer such questions and provide a set of guiding principles enterprises can use to start their evolution.


Interested in taking a deeper dive on how to instantly evolve your network infrastructure? Read the white paper Instant Evolution in the age of digitization to learn more.